Sunday, May 2, 2010

Still pregnant!

I need to stop peeing on things. I've had 6 positive tests so far, including a FRER with a much darker line this morning. I think it's finally sinking in.

While I was praying after Communion this morning, I started getting teary-eyed. This isn't new for me, it has happened multiple times over the last 8 months.

However, this time, it was out of pure happiness!

5 words of geekdom:

juliane2004 said...


I keep POAS too... I've got 12 positives already... But I had two chemical pregnancies last year, so I need more than one to confirm it :) Hehe.

heather said...

i tested multiple times too! once you go into the doctor and get your first sonogram you'll stop wanting to poas!

Caroline said...

Pee away, Missie!

Amanda said...

HAHA.. "I need to stop peeing on things."

Woooo congrats!

Kat said...

omg I thought I was the only crazy person that peed on about 25 sticks, some before and a LOT after

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