Belly Pics

Starting at 5 weeks...

A few bare belly pics!
30 weeks:

35 weeks:

Post partum
2 days after birth:

5 days after birth:

6 weeks after birth:

2 words of geekdom:

Twinpossible said...

You took some GORGEOUS shots of your preggo belly. I always encourage people, no matter how you feel, or if you get any stretchmarks, who WILL regret it, if you don't record it all. TAKE THE PICTURES! I do the same, and hate myself every day for not doing it with my boys. I was young and times tough, no digital cameras, but still.

Having said that, you had a gorgeous belly. My in the hospital postpartum pic looked much like the one you posted, but was all a jiggly mess. I was too nervous about how my twin belly would look afterwards, and saw the bump giggling through my clothes and didn't think to take a shot, except to my head if that was sticking around like that forever, lol.

If I knew it would shrink away, I would have taken a picture, but you really slimmed down nicely by 6 weeks...well, well done. Looking forward to the next photo!! You are a beautiful, brave soul. We need more like ya xoxo

xoxo Shelly

Kristin said...

I love these pics :)

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