Sunday, September 19, 2010


6 weeks

12 weeks

18 weeks

24 weeks

If you are newly pregnant, I highly recommend taking a pic every week. M and I just looked back at all of my pics and we cannot believe how I've changed. It was really cool to look through all of them. I wonder how we'll feel at 40 weeks :)

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Samantha said...

We didn't start taking pictures until 17 weeks and I wish I had some from early pregnancy. You my dear look fantastic though!

Josefine said...

I'm 12 weeks now and I look exactly the same! I'm not all skinny like you, though. I haven't decided when we will start the pics.

Mrs. S. said...

You have an ideal belly bump! I am newly pregnant (6 weeks) and just started blogging. I don't have a belly yet, but really should just start taking photos. Thanks for sharing! My blog is

The Miller's said...

Aw! Your belly was adorable!! And yes, it is amazing how ones body transforms so much! I looooved that we documented the change. :o)


Lisa @bitesforbabies said...

It's kind of hard to get an accurate pic of my prego belly when half the time it's so bloated I look like I'm 2 months further along then I actually am!! lol!

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