Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coming out of the Hypnobabies closet

I have shared this with some of you already, but am ready to tell everyone now. When M and I first realized that we missed the boat on all of the Natural Birth classes offered in our area I did some research and found out that Hypnobabies, a natural birth method, offers a comprehensive self study course. We talked about it, and decided against it, thinking that it sounded a bit too "quacky" for us.

Then a few weeks later, as I started thinking about how giving birth was only 3 months or so away it started to feel more real. I began getting scared and anxious. We revisted the Hypnobabies idea, and bit the bullet. I bought a brand new kit (discounted, of know me haha) from eBay and just recently started it. We figure that if we decide it isn't for us we can just turn around and sell it to someone else.

So you might have a few questions. I know we did when we were first researching it. Here are a few excerpts from the Hypnobabies website:

When learning how to use hypnosis for childbirth, you are taught an understanding of how the uterine muscles will work efficiently together, as they were designed to do, when the body is completely relaxed. The depth of relaxation necessary can easily be achieved with hypnosis so you learn these skills, and practice them at home every day until your baby arrives. Comfort in childbirth depends on much more than deep relaxation, so you are also taught the most in-depth hypnotic anesthesia techniques that exist. These make a huge difference in creating your truly comfortable birthing experience, and are easily learned and practiced.

In other cultures, childbirth is regarded as a natural, normal event in a woman's life. In our culture, it is very much the opposite. For many generations we have been told that delivering a baby will be untold hours of painfully agonizing work, to be faced with fear and trepidation. With Hypnobabies, you are taught to surround yourself with only positive people and messages, to create a positive view of childbirth and the expectation that your birthing with be a beautiful, peaceful experience. Fear in labor can create tension, which creates pain, then more fear, and the cycle continues. Fear and anxiety can also create adrenaline production in the body, causing the labor to become dysfunctional, a common reason for Cesarean Section surgery. Freedom from fear can make a significant difference in the birthing experience.

This is just a quick introduction. I plan on doing more in-depth reviews of each course (there are 5) as the weeks go by. We realize that using Hypnobabies probably won't make labor completely pain free, but if it can even help a little in getting me to relax, think positively, and assuage my fears, then it will be well worth it.

It's okay to be skeptical; we were for a while. It wasn't until we actually started listening to the CDs that we realized how effective it can be. I've been sleeping better and am much more relaxed (and so is M!) More details to come later this week.

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Josefine said...

I bought a used set as well (Hypnobirthing, I think) and it sounds like I should crack it open soon! We are doing Bradley classes as well.

Leah said...

A friend of mine highly recommended Hypnobabies. I'm looking forward to reading your review of the lessons!

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