Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hypnobabies Course #2

Hypnobabies Course #2 opens with learning how to do the "Finger-Drop Technique", which is basically a quick and easy way to bring yourself into a state of hypnosis and relaxation. The technique involves turning off your "mental lightswitch". I really like the lightswitch analogy...when your switch is in the "on" position, you can move around as you please. But, once you turn it to "off", your muscles just do not work. After only a few times of practicing this technique, I honestly found that I could not open my eyes while my lightswitch was in the "off" position. I love practicing this; it is very relaxing! The first CD track for this week walks you through this technique.

The bulk of course #2 focuses on how to be healthy and keep yourself low risk. This includes proper nutrition, doing exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor, and various things to avoid. Hypnobabies advocates eating lots of protein, so I've been trying hard to make sure I get my recommended 75-80 grams per day. The course also stresses the importance of staying well hydrated and getting enough calcium.

The various stages of labor, including their anatomy and physiology are also discussed here. Hypnobabies also gives recommendations on what sorts of activities are good to do during each stage. For example, during the middle to end of the first stage of labor, showering, standing, walking, or sitting on a birth ball are all excellent because gravity will aid your baby's descent into the right position.

CD track #2 for the week is entitled "Deepening", and it brings you into a deep state of hypnosis and relaxation. I usually end up falling asleep during this one, but the course manual says that this is okay and is even expected for this particular track. The purpose of this track is to practice your "Finger-Drop technique" and introduce the "peace" cue. The "peace" cue is as follows: whenever you say or hear the word "peace", you instantly feel much more deeply relaxed and every muscle in your body becomes completely comfortable. I'm eagerly awaiting to get a charley horse to test this one out hahaha. Again, I'm still a bit skeptical about the pain relief aspect of hypnosis, but have found that the relaxation is fantastic.

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Catherine said...

I'm glad it's so relaxing for you! I admit, I'm intrigued. Thanks for reviewing it for us :)

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