Sunday, December 19, 2010

37 weeks

How far along? 37 weeks...term!
Weight gain/loss: 152 lbs. Up 34. When is it going to stop?
Maternity clothes? Absolutely. I put on a normal shirt to wear to bed last night and it only makes it to half-way between my chest and belly button hehe
Stretch marks? Still no
Sleep? Sleeping well, other than getting up 3-4 times to pee
Best moment this week? Having a nice dinner out with my friends to celebrate Carina's impending arrival
Food cravings: Clementines
Gender: Girl
Belly button in or out? Still in, but it kind of looks like a crater. The edges are raised, but the center is still in
Movement? Getting less frequent; she's definitely running out of room in there!
What I miss? Being able to get out of bed without M's help!
What I'm looking forward to: Christmas
Milestones: Baby is now considered term!

Here's what baby looks like this week:

4 words of geekdom:

Mrs.W said...

Happy Full Term!! Soooo close!! You are looking beautiful as always ;)

Amanda Westerlund said...

Yay!! Can't believe she's so close!! Can't wait :)

Mrs. B said...

Yay for being full term! You look great!

Mrs. M317 said...

You have the cutest belly... can't wait to meet (well cyber meet) your little one :)

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