Saturday, December 4, 2010

Apparently I'm also the only one who didn't know about... One of the ladies on the January Moms board mentioned that she saves money by participating in Ebates. I had never heard of Ebates and asked her what it is.

Here is her response (I hope it's okay that I am reposting this!):
Oh, I LOVE ebates. You get a certain percent cash back on online purchases. Nearly every store imaginable is on there, some with better cash back deals than others. So far, I've gotten $208 cash back since I signed up for ebates in early 2009. I have them mail me a check quarterly, but I think you can have it directly deposited as well.

I do a lot of online shopping, and am sad that I've been missing out on this!

How is this possible?
Many people don't realize that internet retailers pay a kickback to websites that send shoppers to their site. So, for example, if you click through yahoo shopping or a coupon site to get to an internet store, that site will get some kickback, usually 2-5% of whatever you purchase. Ebates gives you a way to get some of that money back.

How it works:
First, sign up! Then, take a look at the website; it is pretty well organized. Just find the store that you'd like to shop from, and click on it! A new window will appear letting you know that you will get a certain percentage of your purchase back. It's as simple as that, apparently.  You'll also get a $5 bonus when you place your first online order through the website.

Anyone who uses Ebates, please feel very free to chime in and let me know how much you have earned since you joined, I'd be very interested to know!

4 words of geekdom:

Mrs. B said...

I'm gonna have to check this out! I tried getting into Swagbucks, but I couldn't!

Unknown said...

Also make sure you check out Good deals. :)

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

Thanks, cdub! I forgot to mention Amazon Mom on my Money Saving Tips page. I'll have to add it :)

Josefine said...

I use Citi Card's cash back center, I have earned $180 I think!

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