Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hypnobabies Course #3

Hypnobabies Course #3 begins with learning how to take the "Finger-Drop Technique" one step further. After you bring yourself into a state of hypnotic relaxation by dropping your finger and turning your lightswitch "off", you turn your lightswitch to the "center" position. At the "center" position, you can open your eyes, talk, and even walk around, but the area from your chest to the middle of your thighs remains in a state of deep relaxation. This "center" position will be instrumental during labor, and is called "Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis". The first CD track of the week, entitled "Creating Anesthesia" walks you through this technique.

Most of course #3 focuses on the various childbirth interventions and pushing positions. Hypnobabies is not exactly against interventions, but one of the goals of the program is to avoid them unless they become medically necessary. The course workbook goes into detail about things like continuous fetal monitoring, pain medication, IVs, pitocin, episiotomies, artificial membrane stripping, and internal exams. Also, positions for pushing are discussed, along with the relative efficiency of each position and the pro/cons.

The course really emphasizes the importance of creating a birth plan, discussing it with your medical provider, and feeling confident about it. The take home message of this week's course is that you should be educated about the possible interventions and your options during labor, and to be your own advocate.

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Ashlee said...

This is so neat!
I am def. going to look into it... Good luck with everything! Can't wait to hear about how its goes for you!!

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