Thursday, February 24, 2011

Could somebody please check my head?

Carina only napped for an hour total today.  When she woke up from a 10 minute-long afternoon nap she wouldn't stop screaming.  Nothing would keep her happy for more than a couple minutes.  She even cried and screamed while nursing.  Ugggh.  Why then, even after this hellish day, can I not stop thinking about getting pregnant again?

Seriously, I must have gone insane.

3 words of geekdom:

Mrs. M317 said...

I might have to agree, you are insane!!

BUT, I loved being pregnant, the adjustment after the baby was born has been difficult, but I think I could seriously be pregnant for the rest of my life and be ok with it. Lol

Eliza said...

This pregnancy was by far the most uncomfortable of any of my 3 and here I am at 6 wks pp and I'm already thinking of when DH & I should TTC again. I must be insane too!

Sweet Jo said...

You're definitely bonkers. :-P

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