Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I use the term 'done' loosely, of course, since our apartment is still full of unopened boxes waiting to be unpacked and disassembled furniture waiting to be whole again.

The move was quick and painless thanks to help from five of my coworkers and two of M's.  Carina was in a good mood all day!  She flirted with one of our helpers (what a naughty girl) and cooed and smiled.  She spent most of the day in the Moby, while I attempted to help out.

After dropping off the U-Haul when we were literally one minute away from home, Carina projectile spitup all over herself, the carseat, and the car.  There was spitup pooled in the base of her carseat; I have no idea how that is even possible.  So we got home, cleaned her up, and as soon as I put her in a new clean outfit, a poopsplosion ensued.

So in all, minus the few issues with gross baby bodily functions, the day was a success.  Our apartment is even close enough to connect to the wireless network in our building's free Wifi Cafe.  Oh wait, it connects sometimes.  Yesterday I couldn't get on at all, and now today it is working perfectly.  I think I'll call AT&T tomorrow because this just isn't going to cut it.  Please cross your fingers that dial-up isn't our only option.


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Mommyto3andahusky said...

I found your blog off of picket fence blogs and became a follower. Your baby is so precious! :)


Catherine said...

Glad the move went well, minus explosive bodily functions from Carina! Hope unpacking goes as smoothly!

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