Friday, April 29, 2011

Geeky Find Friday - Nerdy Baby Poster

I'm starting a new weekly post - Geeky Find Friday.  I love scouring the interwebz for nerdy things and I am going to share what I discover with you!

Nerdy Baby Number Poster by electricboogaloo on Etsy

Read the captions, they are priceless!

Here's the description:
Is your baby a nerd? Of course not, and I honestly can't believe you even considered labeling an infant like that. You monster. But YOU're a nerd, aren't you? AREN'T YOU?

Sorry. Can I start over?

This is an 18"x24" poster, offset printed on heavyweight paper with a soft gloss finish. Features numbers from zero - ten plus pi.

Awesome.  Who doesn't love taxonomy classification levels? :)


4 words of geekdom:

Heather said...

Thats so funny!

Jamie said...

Love the poster! Especially love that pi is on there! :o)

Katrine said...

I really love your blog!!
I'm your newest follower!
I'm a geek too ;)
This post is really funny!!

I hope you check out my blog as well :)

Katrine :D

Unknown said...

I really do think my oldest was a geek in utero. well, an engineer in utero I bet. and that is just about the same thing.

cool poster.
I remember my boys going through a stage where they'd count "1,2,3,pi,4,5,6,..."

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