Friday, April 22, 2011

Things I don't want to forget

Carina - there are so many things you do (and have done) that Mommy absolutely loves.  I don't want to forget these things, so I will journal them here.

-Before we started swaddling you, you would always sleep with your arms up by your head.  We called it your 'touch-down!' pose.

-When I sing to you, you stare at me and smile and coo. This melts my heart.

-Your little tongue that you stick out all the time.  Who wouldn't love this?

-The crazy way you shake your head really fast from side to side with your mouth wide open and tongue sticking out while trying eagerly to narrow in on your target. Clamp. Success! Furious nursing ensues.

-The 'bitter beer face' you make while stretching your arms when I pick you up after you wake up from your nap.

-The little snores you make while sleeping. One of these nights I am going to videotape you sleeping so I will be able to hear those sounds forever. Ha, that's not weird, right?

-Your adorable yawns.  'Nuff said.

-The "agoo" and gurgle sounds you make, along with the raspberries you blow. So.freaking.cute.

-Your amazing wide eyes.  I hope they stay this bright and beautiful forever.

-When you do something new for the first time (i.e. smile, laugh, etc.) it makes me look at you in awe, knowing that M and I created you.

I hope to share this with you someday, and I hope you won't laugh at Mommy's sentimentality.


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JENN said...

So cute!! I loved this post and loved the pictures! Carina is absolutely DARLING!

Jessica said...

That bitter beer face is my favorite ever of all time.

Wendy Lawrence said...

I love this post! My latest is a little younger than yours, but everything you are talking about reminds me of him, especially this desire not to forget anything! I keep a journal by my bed for my oldest and occasionally write down things he says or does that I don't want to forget. (Although I haven't written since this one was born!) But I want to start younger with my second child...and I'll write down all the little things, just like you suggest...mine also liked to sleep with his arms up. :)

Katy said...

This is so sweet! I hope you don't mind if I steal it to do for Mady.

Love the touchdown pose!

Ashley said...

She will giggle at this when she is young thinking about the funny things she did. She will go through times in life where she will roll her eyes at your for writing these things down. Keep them through all of this. Show them to her again when she has a child of her own and she will love you thinking of her the way she thinks of her own child.

And she totally has the most beautiful, wide eyes! I notice that in every picture you post!

Noelle said...

This made my misty-eyed thinking of how fast these little girls are growing!

Unknown said...

Nora makes these same faces (head shaking while narrowing in on target, bitter beer face)!! Too, too cute. There is so much that I also don't want to forget. I need to write more down.

Also, I agree, Carina has beautiful, bright eyes.

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