Friday, May 20, 2011

Geeky Find Friday - Princess Peach Quilt

Lil Geek Princess Peach Mario Quilt by GeekUnique on Etsy

I have fantastic memories of playing Super Mario Bros 3 with my sisters when we were young.  During rainy days we would spend hours working together to beat the game.

Here is the description:
Start their love of Classic Video Games while they are young with a handmade 36x36 crib sized quilt!

Sorry Mario but your Princess is in a different castle!

The incredibly cute Princess Peach quilt will look adorable in your daughter's bedroom!

Handmade and Customized for the Littlest Geek in your life, these durable one piece 36x36 crib sized quilts feature:

100% Cotton Tops
Polyester Batting
Machine Quilted Classic Game Character

I really wish I could find our old Nintendo system.  Oh good old 16-bit I miss thee.  Did anyone else play Super Mario Bros 3?  My favorite world was Ice Land.  Oh to be Tanooki Mario again...


6 words of geekdom:

Kristen said...

Confession: I still have my old Super Nintendo and a bunch of my old games. It still works!

Sweet Jo said...

Your geeky toy posts reminded me about these dolls that I came across years ago.

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

@J - OMG too funny! I might have to get the Mozart one for M.

Amanda Westerlund said...

hahaha, I have the old nintendo. =P But you really don't need it anymore now that you have wii. You know you can buy the old games? They have old controllers you can get too, we got super mario 3, super mario world (which is awesome, we never knew cause we didn't have the super!), and you can get sonic games too! We haven't played in awhile, but used to a lot while Conor was napping and stuff. Oh, and the new (well, maybe a year and a half or so ago) super mario world for wii is friggin fantastic too!!

Jamie said...

OMG I LOVED playing Mario 3 with my bro and sis also. My favorite was world 3 with the water and the little boats. I also loved big/small world.

My favorite video game was and still is Super Mario World for SNES. Did you ever play that one?

You should get a Wii. You can get all the old games and since it's new, it won't crap out on you like the old systems might.

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

@Manda - thanks for telling me, I'm going to have to look into that!

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