Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ode to the grimy hands

oh little hands...

so dirty
so smelly
so grimy
yet so precious

where does the lint come from?
how is it possible for such tiny baby cuteness to stink so badly?
clammy.  sweaty.  lots of crud.  irresistible.

do I see hairs of three different colors stuck between those chubby fingers?
 gray - must be kitty's
black - must be daddy's
blondish - must be mine're collecting them to shove into your mouth later, aren't you?

your enemy the wash cloth has given up hope
for all his efforts are in vain...
not even five minutes after your bath
you spit up chunky goo into your clean palm
and stick your fist in your mouth
and smile

five minutes later I have forgotten the grossness
and I kiss that sweet pukey hand
mommy-nesia at its best


3 words of geekdom:

Mrs.W said... it!

Heather said...

so true!

just wait until she crawls around and she has cat hair stuck to them.. oh its just great. hehe

Amanda Westerlund said...

i totally love this!! So great!

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