Friday, July 1, 2011

Geeky Find Friday - Baby Genius Periodic Table Onesie

Baby Genius Period Table Onesie by Periodically Inspired on Etsy

M gets a little upset whenever I joke about Carina possibly being a genius.  He's convinced that I'm going to be disappointed if she isn't smart.  Of course I won't be; I'm going to love her whether she wants to play with a chemistry set or line up her boogers on the wall in descending size order.

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Here's the description:
Is your baby a genius? If you think so, the little he or she needs a BABY GENIUS onesie inspired by Dmitri Mendeleev, creator of the Periodic Table of Elements!

Maybe this onesie would be a self-fulfilling propechy?  ;)


4 words of geekdom:

basebell6 said...

i have waaay too many chemistry majors in my family to be forcing the periodic table onto him so young. i'll have to get him a calculus shirt instead! ;)

super cute!

Jamie said...

hee hee very cute!

erer said...

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Misterio Vida said...

super cute :)

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