Friday, August 26, 2011

Geeky Find Friday - Lab Geek BabyLegs

Lab Geek BabyLegs by LadyBeez on Etsy

Complete with flasks, goggles, molecules, microscopes. and more, these leg warmers are a science geek's dream.  How could you not want test tubes to adorn your baby's legs?

Here's the description:
Keep baby legs warm
Make diaper changing easy.
Protect your crawling baby's legs.
Jazz up your little girl's outfit.
Potty Train without Pants!
Wear them as arm warmers.

I think these are ridiculously cute.  We have quite a few sets of BabyLegs for Carina, but they are all pink and girly, or seasonal (I think we got a set of Santa ones for free with an order of cloth diapers last winter).  I love these because they are unique and a fun conversation starter!

Do you have any fun patterns of BabyLegs?

Have a baby or child related geeky find to share?  E-mail me at!

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