Friday, September 30, 2011

9 Months

Carina turned 9 months old on Wednesday! Right after I put her to bed I realized that I forgot to take her "I am 9 months old today!" photos. I immediately felt like a horrible Mother. As if taking those pictures on the exact day is actually a measure of parenting quality... ;)

Milestones: Your first two teeth poked through! It's so funny to watch you move your tongue over them...over and over. I would imagine it's strange to have these foreign sharp things in your mouth after almost 9 months without them. You tried your first finger foods including little pieces of plum and grapes, cheddar cheese, banana, and puffs. You'd much prefer me to feed you than feed yourself. You clapped for the first time and it was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. You love to do it now, especially when we clap with you. You are still *almost* crawling. You can get up on all fours just fine, and start rocking back and forth, but you have yet to actually move yourself anywhere, even a couple of inches. You're getting closer all the time, though!

Loves: Romping around on the floor, when we fake sneeze (the barrel laughs that ensue when we go, "achoo!" are HILARIOUS), trying to drink out of your sippy cups, my iPhone, and the TV remote control. Your favorite toys this month include the Bright Starts Click and Giggle Remote, Nuby Teether, and your Jellycat Monkey. You sleep curled up with the monkey every night. We got the toy remote in hopes that you would no longer go for the TV remote. While you love the toy one, you still pursue the TV one with reckless abandon - really, you almost dove off of the couch when it fell once. It is amazing how smart you are with the toy remote - you press buttons and then look at the TV, expecting the channel to change, and then you seem to get frustrated when it doesn't!

Hates:  When we take away something that you shouldn't play with (iPhone, TV remote, etc.) Your face instantly contorts into the saddest pout I've ever seen. Saying "No" is going to be so hard. When we set you down on your play mat to play - you burst into tears almost every time! Why?!? You love to play, and you're usually fine 10 seconds later. I don't know why you hate that initial put down so much. Getting you into long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts has become a challenge. You don't have any patience when I try to wiggle your arms in. And God forbid that the neck hole on a shirt or onesie is too small and I have to find a way to finagle your clunker of a head in - I DREAD this.

Weight & height: The bathroom scale says you are 17.5 lbs. I think you're going to be a teeny child, just like me. We'll find out your official weight at your 9 Month appointment in a couple weeks. The size 4 diapers are working just great! We haven't had a blow out in quite some time. Your 6-9 Month and 9 Month clothes are still fitting, but barely. You wear 12 Months most of the time. We have some super cute Fall and Winter clothes for you :)

I am 9 months old {yesterday}!

Come on Mom, let me go back to crinkling this paper

Mommy kisses
I demand that you stop growing up so fast <3

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