Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pep talk to Lefty

My supply has been decreasing the last couple weeks. I've started drinking my nursing tea again, but so far it hasn't helped. It is particularly noticeable in my left boob; it just feels floppy all the time. If I could have a conversation with lefty, it would go something like this...

Dear Lefty,
I notice that you've been feeling down lately. Please don't dwell on the fact that you've always lagged behind righty - rather focus on how we need you. You can't give up on us now. Chin up, fill up, and I won't have to dip into my freezer stash to feed Carina.

I know you're depressed because you haven't seen fancy lingerie since before the baby was born. Day in and day out you're squished up against a scratchy breast pad surrounded by a nursing bra or tank. Certainly not at the height of fashion, I agree. If you step it up, I promise to buy you the most extravagant unmentionables that I can find once we are no longer breastfeeding.

I assume you're bitter that you didn't grow at all during or after my pregnancy. I felt that twinge of jealousy you had when pregnant friend after pregnant friend bragged about their burgeoning bosoms. You were hoping for some additional boobage, I know. I'm so sorry that you are the same size today that you were before. Truly. I wish there was something I could do to help you out there, but sadly I cannot.  Just know that I commiserate.

Mama G

Anyone else have this problem around 8-9 months?  Did anything work to increase your supply?

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