Friday, October 7, 2011

I promise, this is the last time...

...I am going to ask you for votes in the wake of the reset on Top Baby Blogs. Every few months, Top Baby Blogs erases all votes so that inactive blogs get cleared out, and new blogs have a chance for exposure. So many of you have discovered Growing Up Geeky through Top Baby Blogs and I feel so honored to have been listed among the Top 25 over the last few months. Since the reset just a few days ago, I have been hanging out at #7 which completely blows my mind!

There is a small voting button on my left side bar and I would be so appreciative if you could click to vote as often as you are inclined or can remember {you can vote once every 24 hours}. I will no longer be spamming you on Twitter or Facebook. It's really not my style and I just feel awkward doing it - I'm sorry :)

Thank you SO much for all of your votes and support. If you like my blog, Carina's big brown eyes, baby poop (what?), geeks, domestic failures, and/or if you simply enjoy laughing at my lack of style, please just click the banner below or one of the photos that follows, and then the owl to the left to vote. That's it!

Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!

We're laughing because Carina just RIPPED ASS on M
My pout will quickly turn into a SAD crying tantrum if you don't vote for my Mommy
Yep, sad baby bribery. I just went there.

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