Friday, October 14, 2011

I try not to get political, but...

I am very opinionated when it comes to politics. However, I try to avoid talking about it on my blog because I treat this blog as Carina's virtual baby book, and I just don't want to muddy it up with my political rantings. Also, I love you all - and I'm sure about half of you would no longer read my blog if I were to try to push my opinions and beliefs on you ;)

BUT - Earlier today M sent me a link to an article about a matter which could possibly affect anyone out there who is pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or might ever be pregnant. I realize that the source of the article may seem biased to some of you, but the information contained within about the bill itself is accurate.

Basically, a bill was passed by the house that {among other things} would allow doctors and/or hospitals to refuse emergency care for women even if their lives are endangered by their pregnancy. The hospital could also refuse to give a referral in this situation.

So, God forbid you have life threatening complications during your pregnancy, your hospital could tell you that they won't do anything about it. Meaning: you and your baby both could die, rather than terminate the pregnancy.

I would love to discuss this; what do you think about this bill?

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