Sunday, October 30, 2011

A thank you and "my poops are usually loud"

While looking through Google Analytics the other day I noticed that people are arriving on my blog by searching for some really ridiculous things. I'd like to share some of them with you but first - Carina and I would like to thank this month's top 5 blog referrers!

Thanks, friends!

Top 5 Blog Referrers
kjw at Baby W is on the Way
Jenni at Jenni from the Blog
Ashley at The Stauffer Shenanigans
Kristin at Our Growing Garden
Katie at Love, Lattes & Lullabies

10 Most Hilarious Search Terms - (linked to the posts they led to)
husband used socks
dirty mustache costume
milf contest
my poops are usually loud
peekaboo undies
dh milked my breasts
amniotic bag exploding stories
freakishly huge belly
hottest bloat I've ever seen

There are so many more that are making me crack up, but we'll leave it at that for today.

What funny search terms have led people to your blog?


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