Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toddle Along Tuesday - Ode to the Ham Hocks

Ode to the Ham Hocks
by M (the DH - or dear husband)

Oh Ham Hocks, dear Ham Hocks
So chubby and cute
How you bulge from the diaper
Stretching from mid-knee to glute

When you are raspberried
She laughs and coos
How lucky we are that
You come in twos!

You grow slightly thinner
As she stretches each day
Please, chunky Ham Hocks
Don't ever go away

When you are Ham Hocks no more
And become just thighs
Her goofy Daddy will pause
And maybe dry his eyes

But for now, keep wiggling
As she giggles with glee
While I swing her over my head
And yell, "Weeeeee!"

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