Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MaliMoo Baby - Review & Giveaway! CLOSED

From maternity wear to baby clothes, toys, gear, and personalized gifts, MaliMoo Baby is your one-stop shop for everything Mommy and Baby related. Named after founder Martina's niece, MaliMoo Baby is designed to provide newly pregnant women with items that are practical and essential at every stage of their pregnancy and delivery, and even after baby is born (and through to toddlerhood!)

"MaliMooBaby is about mothers and their children. About finding the right quality products for your new blooming body and then for your new little blossom! MaliMooBaby takes the time to find the items that make a difference to you and that make the new experience of motherhood into a fun and creative time."

Can I be pregnant again like, right now, so I can wear some of the casual maternity dresses? ::stomps feet:: In all seriousness I can't wait to get pregnant again so I can shop the maternity section. One of my favorite parts of being pregnant was trying to find cute clothes to make me feel pretty and flatter my bump {did I really just admit to that?}, and I love the maternity wear on MaliMoo Baby! Some of my other favorite items include the personalized birthday hats, amazing (truly) block sets, and festive holiday clothing.


I was sent the timi & leslie Farah 2-in-1 Diaper Backpack to try out. I've been wanting a smaller diaper bag for a while {you can check out the monstrosity I've been using here} and really liked that this bag can be used as either a backpack, or a messenger. I brought it with me when we traveled to visit family and look at apartments in New England last week, and it was perfect for traveling.

Hello, lover
Pockets and pockets and pockets, oh my!
This bag is FULL of pockets, which is an absolute must-have for me. I just can't handle Carina's pacifier rubbing up against the {potentially used} burp cloth, you know? I also like to store a clean change of clothes far away from the changing pad. Basically, I like to keep everything separate. With pockets and compartments on the inside, sides, and back, this bag more than satisfies my need to organize. There are even a bunch of compartments inside the front flap that are perfect for your phone and/or wallet.

Hands free!
What was super helpful while traveling is the fact that this bag comes with two little non-slip loops that hook around any stroller bar, so that you can safely attach the diaper bag to the stroller. So I pushed Carina through the airport, with the bag latched right onto the stroller, which kept my arms free and the bag perfectly in view.

Changing pad, and messenger bag strap
I could rave about this bag all day. The lining is water resistant (which was perfect when Carina's no-leak sippy cup proceeded to leak all over the place). There are metal feet on the bottom - so no need to worry about scuffing up the canvas bottom. It comes with a large changing pad that fits compactly within the diaper bag.

It's also comfy to wear and fits nicely under the seat in front of you while flying (just in case you were wondering haha). I would definitely recommend the timi & leslie Farah 2-in-1 Diaper Backpack if you're looking for a practical, organized, and multi-use diaper bag. This pattern not your favorite? There are a handful of others (as well as different styles) on MaliMoo Baby.

Visit MaliMoo Baby and peruse the fashionable maternity wear, adorable baby clothes, and more! For all of my Canadian friends, Martina assures me there will be a Canadian sister site up and running very soon!

Martina is generously offering a $25 shop credit to one of my readers!

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