Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh Boy: being the mom of a boy is everything and nothing I expected - Guest Post

I'm Elizabeth and I'm so excited to guest post today for Mama G and Growing Up Geeky! My husband, Alex, and I co-author Our Life - a lifestyle blog about life, love, and family. We love photography and take way too many photos!! ;) Since the arrival of our first child in January 2011, we are trying to find balance as a young family fitting into a “new normal.” Everything is a little different now, and we share our stories of discovering life all over again through our blue eyed little boy.

Our Life

Growing up, I was not typically one to dream about my wedding or my future house – I didn’t picture myself in a particular dress or looking a certain way. However, I will say that as I grew older - when I pictured myself having a child – it was always a girl. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because I’m a girl? Maybe because all of my friends had little girls? Regardless of the reason, it’s what I did. It’s not that I particularly wanted a girl over a boy – it’s just what popped into my head when I thought about having a child. When I walked through a children’s clothing store I fixated on the little girl’s clothing. I really can’t remember ever noticing boy’s clothes.

Needless to say, when I got pregnant this continued. I would love to say that I was full of “mother’s intuition” and that I knew from the moment I peed on a stick that I was having a blonde haired boy and we would name him Evan and all that jazz…but that would be so not true. I’ve heard people talk about this miraculous ability…but I don’t have it. I wasn’t alone though – the majority of our family and friends along with loads of old wives tails and almanacs backed up my assumptions – I mean, who argues with an almanac! And to beat that – my claim was even validated by the airport security lady in Jamaica as she searched my bag. After looking at my stomach and asking “what kind” of baby I was having she looked at me and without a doubt said “it’s a girl.” I boarded the plane and bragged to Alex about how right I would be…

In Jamaica - SO sure it was a girl!!
Let me give you a glimpse into the ultrasound room during our 18 week anatomy scan. I had been to this scan with several friends and in each case we had spotted the “three little lines” that let you know the baby is female. I was intently watching the screen and Alex was sitting next to me doing the same. I would have sworn to you then and there that I saw those three lines.

Ultrasound Tech: Do you want to know the gender now?

Me (super confident): I already saw…

Alex: I did too – it’s a boy!

Me: No, it’s not!

Ultrasound Tech: It’s a boy!!
I suppose I could have been disappointed that I was so so wrong – but in that moment I could not have been more elated. I looked back at the screen and did not just see our baby, but began gazing at our son. Of course he had been there all along, but the realization that I had was like nothing I could have imagined. It was in that moment that I became aware of the journey I was on to be the mom of a boy.

Since that time so much has changed. Now, when I walk through Target or Baby Gap I completely ignore the little girl’s clothes. Don’t get me wrong – I still think those tiny dresses and leggings are beyond precious. But I just completely zone out on all the cute stuff for my little guy. I can’t wait to watch this little mini-Alex keep growing and changing into a sweet, loving, destructive, rambunctious young man. When I picture my life it revolves around soccer, converse, ninja turtles, and “I love you” notes written on napkins for school lunches. Would most of those things been the same if we had a girl - probably. But, we don’t – and we might never have a girl. But we have Evan – and life just couldn’t be better.

Thanks for taking over for the day, Elizabeth! You can visit her over at Our Life.


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