Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Goofball Chic - Guest Post

Hi guys! My name is Amanda and I'm so excited to be guest posting over from 10 Years Later! I am a first time mom to Eliana who is nearing 10 months old (um, how?) as well as Gaia, our adorably misbehaved puggle. My husband, Eric, and I live a pretty boring simple life and are learning how to parent this little spitfire as we go. Raising her is exhausting, exciting, humbling and by far the best job I've ever had.

I was never one to hope for one gender over the other or for a certain order (i.e. boy, girl, boy or twin girls). I kind of always knew that I wanted three kids, but that was the extent of that thought. When I was pregnant, I never had that feeling that so many women had. I was completely clueless; not even a preference. Mind you, every single person in our lives knew that we were having a girl. I don't know how, but they predicted it. We were having a healthy baby girl.

I was kind of afraid, if I'm being honest.

"A girl... I have to be a role model. I have to talk about the birds and the bees. I have to teach her how to be a respectable woman. Holy hell, I'm going to ruin her."

Add to that, my aversion to all things pink and frilly and you could color me ill-prepared. Ten months in, however, we have found our stride and created a perfect balance between girly-girl and tomboy-in-the-making. Lets call it goofball chic.

I've been called out on numerous occasions regarding the things I buy for Eliana. Much of it is neutral, and some is straight out of the baby boy's section.

All of these outfits/PJs were plucked from the boy's section. I cannot resist clothing with animals on them, particularly puppies, penguins and monsters (um, animal?). As I've learned, that typically is only found on boy's clothing. Now if I wanted ballet slippers, I'd have a gazillion girl's options.

But wait, we have proof of some girly purchases too! See! There's some pink, some flowers, and even a dress!

Even when purchasing non-clothing items for her, I buy neutral. Not only is it more aesthetically appealing to me, but I like to think of it as the frugal way too. All we know is that we'll have two kids. If my dream of three happens, so be it. Regardless, there is no predicting what kiddo #2 will be and look what I just did. I just prepped said non-existent kiddo #2 for a sh-ton of hand me downs! Plus, we live in a super tiny/Wonka-approved/baby sized house so there isn't exactly room for a pink cozy coupe now and a red one in a couple of years.

That's right. Sharing is caring.

And now for my favorite collection. What I referred to as goofball chic.

I would feel bad for denying her the sweet and soft world that is the baby girl's section, but she is a bigger goof than the things I buy her. I promise.

It makes me wonder what she'll be into once she actually has a choice in the matter. I'm sure by this time next year, her opinionated little self won't hesitate to let me know!

Thanks for taking over for the day, Amanda! You can check her out at 10 Years Later.


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