Sunday, December 4, 2011

Toilet Paper Time-Out - Guest Post

Hi all!  I'm so happy to be posting here today, while Mama G settles into her new home!  I'm Kayse, a work-from-home teacher, wife to my musician Hubby, and mommy to my sweet Emily Ann.  You can usually find me over at Finding Hope, where I write about real-life stuff like faith, easy recipes, living happily on a budget, and fishing baby poop out of the bathtub.  Stop on by anytime!

Today my kid discovered toilet paper.

We had just gotten home from a walk and had no choice but to run into the bathroom for a quick pit stop before jumping into the whole dinner-bathtime-bedtime routine.  It was one of those days where I had not had a single extra second to go to the bathroom.  All. Day. Long.  You've been there too, I know.  So you'll understand why at that moment I just did not have time for my curious little girl to discover that toilet paper spins on a roll.  And comes apart in pieces.  And tastes funny.

But before I scooped her up and hastily threw all the tiny pieces of toilet paper into the trash can, I caught a glimpse of her face.

Sheer joy!  I swear, it was like Christmas in our bathroom.  Over toilet paper, people.  Toilet paper.

So instead of hurrying along to accomplish the rest of my to-do list for the evening, I grabbed my camera and sat down right there on the floor with her.  And I watched as my sweet, curious little girl discovered that toilet paper spins on a roll.  And comes apart in pieces.  And tastes funny.

And aside from being vaguely annoyed by the fact that my kid likes toilet paper more than the mountains of toys we've bought her, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Because in a lot of ways, I wish I was more like her, looking at life with that kind of wonder and excitement.  And so I watched her, completely captivated by my little love who was completely captivated by the white stuff that kept sticking to her hands.

Life has left its scars on me in lots of ways.  Sometimes I feel more jaded than hopeful.  And sometimes my to-do list and my schedule leave little time for slowing down.  But I've been blessed with this sweet girl, and, without a doubt, the Lord is using her to change my heart.  She finds joy in the little things.  She loves life.  She makes me stop and watch and engage.

So yes, my husband walked in the door tonight to find his two girls sitting on the bathroom floor in a pile of toilet paper snow.  Yes, the dishes are still in the sink (even though we ordered does THAT happen?) and no, my daughter did not get a bath tonight.  She's fine.  I promise.

But we did life right today.  We had fun.  We spent time together.  We captured memories and shared laughter and taught lessons.  We lived.  And that, my friends, leaves me ending the day with a whole bucketful of hope and wonder and excitement.

All because of some toilet paper. :)

Do you have any toilet-paper-type stories?  How do your kids renew your perspective on life?

Thanks for taking over for today, Kayse! Head on over to Finding Hope to visit her :)


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