Friday, March 2, 2012

I think she's a little young for this obsession

Boots. She is OBSESSED with them. I thought I'd have at least another 15 years before she can't stop thinking about footwear. Oh well.

If she spots her boots from across the room, she charges towards them, squeals as she grabs them, and then brings them to me and holds them up. She opens her mouth and exclaims "bssss!" Which I have come to realize means, "Mommy put these boots on me NOWWW!"

Put on my boots, pretty please?
I'm getting impatient
After I stick her tiny feet in them and fasten the velcro nice and tight, sometimes they fall off. When this happens, she stops whatever she is doing and glares at the errant boot. I like to imagine she is thinking, "how dare you abandon my foot, you furry sherpa deserter?" Then, she'll pick it up again and bring it to me one more time, "bssss!"

Does your baby have any "obsessions"?


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Babymakesus3 said...

My son formed an obsession with his "Frankie" which is his blanket. He's 2 and we can't leave the house without it

Sweet Jo said...

Balloons. He looks up at every ceiling in every room/house we are in and points. When he sees one (and sometimes when he doesn't, but wishes he did) he says, "ah-boon". Over & over & over. Love it. :)

Beebielove said...

It is a nice obsession... Little young. She looks obsessed (read happy).

Carrie said...

Adorable! I need a girl. Preston is obsessed with clocks... although he calls them "Tick-tocks" If we visit his grandparents (either ones) he won't say hello to anyone until he has seen their Tick-tock... and heaven forbid it starts to chime, we have to go watch it (so every half hour)

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