Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let's talk boobs (maybe TMI?)

A couple weeks ago I couldn't help but hysterically laugh at a post I wrote about my first semblance of boob growth when I was pregnant with Carina. It seemed as if everyone else who was pregnant at the same time experienced veritable bosom explosions before their pee sticks were even dry. One friend couldn't believe her B cup turned into a D cup practically overnight! But there I sat, all throughout my 1st Trimester and almost all of my 2nd with my sad little boobies. Even what I thought was growth back then didn't really amount to anything.

From that tragic day during my adolescence when I realized that yep, they were done growing, I dreamed that pregnancy would at least bring me some temporarily enhanced tatas. No dice. My first pregnancy drew to a close and it was pretty much business as usual. Even as I started breastfeeding Carina, they were only any bigger when engorged. And I certainly wasn't going to let them get to that {painful} point, throw on a cleavage baring halter and go admire myself in the mirror.

That's right - I posted a pic of my cleavage. Wanna fight about it?
Why am I sharing this? Because I actually get asked a lot! People want to know when your boobs grew during pregnancy and by how much. They want to know how monstrous ::sob:: they were when your milk came in and first started breastfeeding. Lastly, they want to know if the lady lumps are entirely trashed after feeding a baby for 15 months.

In short, they never really grew. They got fuller, sure, but new bras were never necessary. Even at my most engorged my not-very-supportive nursing tanks did just fine. After 9 months of pregnancy, 15 months of breastfeeding, {and almost 4 months of this pregnancy}, they are just about the same size as they were before I ever got pregnant. Maybe a tiny bit smaller. I wouldn't consider them droopy, saggy, or trashed, though. They are pretty much the same ol' boobs. The plus side about no growth? No stretchmarks ;)

Sadly, they're starting to hurt a lot now when Carina nurses. Weaning might be in sight at this point...

Tell me about yours! Did they grow? A lot? Let me commiserate with you or live vicariously through your ginormous bazongas.


P.S. Until just this week, I hadn't worn a bra since before Carina was born! I've lived in nursing tanks all day every day for the last 15 months. Breaking my bras out of storage truly felt like saying hello to old friends.
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