Monday, May 14, 2012

21 week bumpdate

Boo. It didn't look blurry on the camera. Sorry.
 How far along? 21 weeks

Weight gain/loss: 128 lbs. Up 6 lbs. from last week! Yikes! Maybe I'm finally getting enough to eat? 10 lbs. total.

Feeling: Big and bulky. Walking around for a long period of time isn't easy anymore; I felt like I was waddling most of the weekend. And in the wake of it? My feet are killing me.

Maternity clothes? I am in love with my brand new things! From my swimsuit which I posted about yesterday, to an adorable nursing/maternity top I'll be showing you later this week, and a maternity dress I'll be sharing later in the month.

Sleep: Carina has been waking up earlier and earlier. Fortunately she'll go back to sleep after we bring her in bed with us, but these 3-5 AM wake ups are really hard.

Food cravings: Chips and French onion dip. About to break into some right now. Who cares that it's only 10 AM? ;)

Movement? I feel her kicking here and there. It's been sporadic lately. Maybe my 6 lb. uptake from last week coincided with a giant uterus growth spurt and she's got some extra room in there? Ha, who knows.

What I miss? Summer Shandy. It's been too long, old friend.

Best moment this week: Spending Mother's Day weekend away and going to one of my favorite places, Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. We had such a fantastic time, except for our car battery dying at the hotel...blech.

What I'm looking forward to: Mike's family is coming to visit in two weeks! They still haven't been to our new place.

Next Appointment: OB appointment on May 18th.

Milestones: Baby's bone marrow is now making blood cells, yay!

At 21 weeks with Carina. I think I've pretty much caught up, weight-wise.
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