Thursday, May 3, 2012

Am I the only weirdo out there?

Pure evil

I loathe them.

Yes, I realize that they are the ultimate baby staple and as you shop for clothes for your little one you will no doubt be inundated by them. White ones, colored ones, striped ones, embroidered ones, screen printed ones, ones with animals, with hearts, with get the point.

You'll probably receive {eleventy} billion of them as gifts because hey, aren't they what babies wear all the time? I guess - if you're normal. But if you're anything like me, your newborn will never wear one.

I just don't understand who thought it was a good idea to make the archetypal outfit for a squishy little thing with a floppy neck and not-yet-hardened skull require juggling both in order to get said garment on?

That's right - we never used onesies when Carina was a newborn because I was deathly afraid of getting them over her head without denting her soft spot or overextending her muscleless neck. Sure, you can probably attribute that to first-time-Mom nerves, but I'm totally laughing at myself as I write this, because I still don't plan on using any when Aurelia is born, either. I'd just rather not.

Much better
So did we let Carina hang around in just a diaper and a smile? No, we did actually clothe our baby, just with kimono-style tops and creepers. Put them down, put baby on top, button up. Whew! So much easier. And no risk of injury to poor unsuspecting squishy. Why juggle the head and neck if you don't have to? Those are important parts hanging in the balance!

Is there anyone else out there who shares my irrational hatred of the over-the-head demon duds? I know the majority of you are likely onesie lovers, so go ahead and tell me how strange I am ;)
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