Saturday, June 2, 2012

Geekiest post divider ever & a question

I would venture to guess that my new post divider just might be the geekiest one out there. I asked on Facebook and Twitter if anyone could figure out what it actually means. A couple of you got it! I figured I should explain here since some of you have asked :)
In the Chemistry world, it's a simple equation. Mg = Magnesium, Ca = Calcium, and Au = Gold.

In my life, Mg = Mike and Melissa G, Ca = Carina, and Au = Aurelia. And no, we will not choose any future children's names based on whether or not they are easily translatable to an element on the periodic table. We're not that crazy ;)

Ignore the coefficients and ions - I just wanted something stoichiometrically balanced. Sorry for the throwback to high school chemistry! Are you geeked out yet?

Thanks to Krista from ArmyWife-Style for the idea, and to Mike for coming up with something that actually made sense with those elements.

Okay, now for my question. What in the world is going on with my comments? Some of you can't see them while viewing my blog from your mobile devices, and it looks like they have disappeared from a number of my older posts. I think I'm going to rip my hair out and curse myself for ever installing Intense Debate in the first place.

Please tell me - what issues are you having with my comments? I need to try to fix this.
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