Thursday, June 7, 2012

A peek into our kitchen(s)!

Our home tour continues with our kitchen(s)! It's a strange, 2-part kitchen; most of the kitchens in the New Haven area are like this. When we toured apartments here I was so confused. 9 of the 10 places we saw had a small kitchen with only an oven and refrigerator, and then a separate galley area that included the sink, dishwasher, and cabinets. I had never seen anything like this before!

It has taken some getting used to, but I'm beginning to like it. Here's the galley:

My only gripe? The tile counter tops. Who ever thought that tile on a counter is a good idea? Food, coffee grounds, sugar, you name it - it gets stuck in the grout. It is a nightmare to clean.

Herb-garden-in-progress in the window
And the kitchen:

Psst...those definitely aren't unpacked boxes underneath the table there. 6 months after our move. No, definitely not... ;)

Does anyone else have (or has even seen) a two part kitchen like this before? I'm wondering if it's only right around here or if any other areas have them as well.

I'll be linking up with Kelly's Korner tomorrow, but I posted today because we'll actually be on vacation! It's beach time on Cape Cod and I CAN'T WAIT. I've got a great group of guest posters who will be taking over while I'm gone, and I'll try to pop in a few times myself, as well. Oh, and pregnant Mommas? Awesome giveaway coming on Sunday. Stay tuned. Not pregnant? Don't miss out on the super cute BabyLegs giveaway going on right now. Happy almost-weekend!

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