Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Essentials for Little Girls - Guest Post

Hey Geeky readers! I'm Ashley from The Stauffer Shenanigans, although for the past almost 4 years I've mainly been known as Momma. I don't mind the Jessie Spano reference because I have two of the sweetest (most of the time) silly girls calling me theirs.

And {insert amazing sigh of pure happiness} it's finally summer 'round these parts! Here in Ohio, we typically have 2 seasons. Summer from June-August and winter from September-May. So by the time the weather is flip flop appropriate, we're all itching to get out for some good ol' vitamin D. 

My youngest daughter lives in rompers. They're so simple for quick diaper changes & let's face it, are so stinkin' adorable. My oldest recently started carrying a purse around everywhere. I love opening it at the end of the day & finding all the little flowers, "helicopter" leaves, rocks, and coins she hoards in there. Glitter nail polish on the piggies? Necessary (according to my obviously very low maintenance 3.5 year old.....)

Sunscreen's a must & this stick is SO convenient. Reminds me of a glue stick & you pretty much just paint wherever you want. Perfect for the girls faces. Sunglasses, flower hat, bright sandals, love 'em. And the bombpops? Well those are a given. We may or may not go through two boxes a week. And by that, I mean we totally do & have no shame.

Thanks Melissa for having me visit! I hope y'all come by & check out my digs. I can make a mean grilled cheese & I always have gum. 

Thanks, Ashley! Must...get...cute...rompers. Head on over and say "Hi!" to Ashley at The Stauffer Shenanigans
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