Saturday, July 14, 2012

Steppin' Out Saturday - This might have contributed to the giant basketball belly

Because I'm pregnant and I live for food, we're going to start with that; fashion details can wait ;)

I devoured this Caprese at our favorite local Italian deli, Nica's, in less then 5 minutes.

Then? Gelato of course. Chocolate for me. Carina preferred a combination of vanilla and orange that her Aunt Ellen concocted.

But what Carina really wanted to eat was...Daddy's face? She had a ball trying to chew on his stubble. Sometimes I'm convinced we must have the strangest little girl ever ;)

Dueling tongues - Carina
Ellen's friend Jun, Ellen, me, and a {rather} pooped little one
Top - Jumping Beans from Kohl's
Tutu skirt - Old Navy
Sandals - Angels NY, bought on Zulily

Top - Old Navy
Skirt - Express (non-maternity, woot!)
Sandals - BOC by Born

Whoa. I'm feeling like I have a basketball underneath my shirt today!

Necklace - Teethease (more on this next week!)
Earrings - made by my aunt, who owns Totally Beaded

And since you can't see them in the photos above, I want to share that I actually have cute painted toenails! You might be thinking, "so what, Mama G?" seeing as how most women have their toenails painted all the time. Well? I'm lazy and this is a first for least in a long time. So let me enjoy showing them off ;)

I had asked for your nail polish recs on Facebook and Twitter a month or so ago and settled on the Julep Maven box. You can get your first box for only one cent with code I figured what had I to lose? I love it; two polishes, pedi cream, and those little foam things you put in between your toes to paint them. I think I'll wait to see what comes in the next box before I cancel. You guys might have me hooked.

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