Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vacation is over: commence freakout

For almost the entire length of my pregnancy I saw both the BlogHer conference and our Virginia Beach vacation as a giant benchmark of sorts. I didn't plan beyond it. I said to myself that we didn't need to prepare for this baby until afterwards.

And just like that...

...the conference has ended and we're back from vacation.

So? Commence freakout.

My due date is in 5.5 weeks. If this baby is anything like Carina (who arrived a week and a half early), I could have another baby in 4 weeks. Or even sooner.

I'm not ready. Nothing is checked off of our "to-do before baby comes" checklist. Hell, I haven't even made that checklist yet. It's possible that no thoughts have even gone into what needs to be on it. Am I naive to think that we can just wing it? I mean, we've already had one baby, so we're pros, right? ;)

Okay seriously, though, I should probably start taking care of what needs to be done. I just checked and there are no openings for a tour of the Maternity ward of my hospital until September 17th - less than a week before my due date. Umm...oops? Why have I been such a slacker?

I was so organized and on the ball with Carina. I feel like I'm doing Aurelia a disservice. I'm sure she will still love me even if I'm scrambling to throw yoga pants and Dermoplast in hospital bag as my contractions near 5 minutes apart. And she won't care if Mike doesn't get the car seat installed until an hour or so before we leave the hospital. I also doubt she'll notice that her going-home outfit is a hand-me-down from Carina, and may even have a spit up stain {or two} on it. But, as a super Type-A crazy person I just don't know why I've turned into such a procrastinator.

Was anyone else like this with baby #2+?

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