Saturday, September 1, 2012

Raising the white flag in my Google Reader

I haven't visited my Google Reader in weeks because it's just too scary. There are always 1000+ unread items and it looks like something exploded upon my screen. No matter how hard I try I can't organize all of the blogs I read easily and all of the scrolling makes me want to wring Google's neck.

So? I give up.

I'm starting over again with a new reader I recently discovered (thanks to my friend Tottums) called Bloglovin. I think it might actually help me keep up with the blogs I love to read!

Why Blog Readers will love it:

-It is super easy to group the blogs you read into categories. Just make a few groups (Favorites, Daily, Weekly, etc...whatever buckets you like to dump the blogs you read into) and then when you Follow a blog, the "add to group" button and menu automatically appears and you can file away to your heart's content. This always took me forever on Google Reader.

-The scrolling is SO much better. Yes, you still have to scroll if you follow a lot of blogs - BUT each entry contains a photo and just the first few lines of text. Note: I guess this might be a downside for those of you who like to read the entirety of every single post within your reader - but I find it saves me a ton of time being able to focus on content instead of my cursor-with-a-mind-of-its-own jumping all over the place.

Bloglovin, blog post
What a blog post looks like in Bloglovin
-When you click on a post to read it, a toolbar appears at the top of the blog/page which lets you easily jump to the other new posts with a handy "Next" button. The toolbar also has Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest buttons for easy sharing.

Bloglovin, toolbar
-You can opt to have an e-mail sent to you daily with new posts, or even an e-mail for each new post as it publishes

-You can explore other great blogs to read! There is a Top Blogs section with which you can sort by category and/or location.

Top Blogs
Top Family blogs in the United States

Why Bloggers will love it:

-For each of your posts, there is a "Like" button underneath. If even just a couple people click "Like", your post might appear on the Popular Posts page or on the Bloglovin mobile app! Over the last week or so I've received a nice little bit of traffic coming from both (yay!)

-Other people can randomly discover your blog through the categories and search functions! It's basically a giant blog directory in addition to being a reader.

-You can easily update your blog information (including a thumbnail and description) once you "claim" your blog. If you have not yet claimed your blog, Bloglovin has a quick & easy tutorial you can use.

What my blog info looks like

If you'd like to, follow me there! Also, if you're already on there, or once you get your blog claimed, please link your blog in the comments below so I (and others!) can follow you, too. And no, this isn't a sponsored post. I just really like this website and think you will, too.

Follow on Bloglovin

What reader do you currently use and how do you stay on top of all of your blog reading?
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