Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The most pregnant I've ever been & a ridiculous PSA

Here I am, 38 weeks and 3 days and no baby yet. Carina was born at this gestational age after it was discovered that I had a leak, potentially caused by my less-than-agile cat falling from great heights. We'll never know if kitty was the culprit, but I am happy to report that there are no loft railings in our current place; so that isn't a worry this time around.

If you'd like to reminisce:

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One little PSA for 1st time Moms-to-be or VBAC Moms:
With Carina, I spent over an hour pushing wrong. You might be asking, "what do you mean wrong?" I certainly asked the nurse that as I was huffing and puffing on the hospital bed. Given that the baby was in my vagina, I figured I should push with my vaginal muscles. Wouldn't that seem to make sense?

Nope. Wrong. The nurse rather matter-of-factly instructed that I needed to push like I had to take a huge dump. So, I switched gears and and started to push like I was trying to squeeze out the biggest turd of my life and hey, what do you know? I began to make progress.

So, Mommas-to-be out there, push out that poop baby when the time comes. And I promise you that no one cares if you actually drop a deuce in the process, so don't stress about it.

At what age of gestation did your babies arrive? And did anyone else push "wrong"? I can't believe how many other Moms have told me that they did, too.

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