Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aurelia - 2 Months


You are now two months old! Remember when I said that you rarely cry? This month that really hasn't been the case. You've been just a bit fussy; I think it's gas most of the time (ha! Please don't kill me when you read this some day). Lately you've been going down to bed between 6 and 7:30 PM and waking between 6 and 7 AM with just one wake in the middle of the night. Last night, though, you slept for almost 11 hours straight! ROCK ON!

You've started cooing - mostly at Daddy and his funny faces. They even elicited your first giggle just a few days ago! You have also begun grasping at a few items including some of Carina's favorite toys from when she was your age, the teething blanket, crinkly book, and a butterfly that hangs from the play gym. You also rolled from your belly to back once! Methinks you do not appreciate tummy time. We have yet to see it again, though. And does your 1st giant poop blowout count as a milestone? Cause yeah, we had that. Epic.

Being held and talked to are your favorite pastimes. You also enjoy your play gyms (yes - we have 2 that we alternate), bouncer, and the swing. You love to kick at some of the toys hanging from the play gyms, just like Carina did! The last few times I've given you a bath you have seemed to like it as well. I think you much prefer our giant sponge that we put in the real bathtub over the plastic infant tub that we used for your first few baths. I think we'll shelve that monstrosity for now.

You don't like it when I try to put you in any outfit that requires going over your head or shimmying up your body. We've mostly been sticking to footie sleepers and kimono shirts/onesies as a result. Also? Pooping. It's still pretty painful for you :(

Weight & height:
At your 2 month appointment you were 23 inches and 13 lbs. 11 oz.! I can't believe it! Your head circumference has burgeoned from the 45th percentile at birth to the 90th now. Your doctor wants to keep an eye on it, so we'll return for another check next month. Before you hit 7 weeks you had outgrown your size 1 diapers and now, at 9+ weeks, we might be nearing the end of your 2s! You are much more comfortable in your size 3-6 Month clothes now, as many of the 0-3 Month outfits are too tight.

I am 2 Months old today!
Headband - Jalah's Closet

My favorite photos from this Month:

At 2 Months, Carina was almost 2 lbs. lighter than you, my little chunk. Looking at photos of the both of you, it's clear that you're sisters but I'm beginning to think that you might be a mini-me, just like Carina is a mini-Daddy. I can't wait to find out.

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