Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas recap & why we won't be going to Church for a while

We spent Christmas with my family in Massachusetts this year, and had such a wonderful time. My two sisters and I have a total of five kids ages 4 and under so it was a ton of fun, and just a bit crazy, as I'm sure you can imagine ;)

Here are some of my favorite photos:
Trying to get a cute matching jammies photo - no dice
Aurelia was not a fan of the little hood
Carina pretending to be a shepherd
Our best family photo
My little elf on Christmas morning
Carina putting her doll's crown on her head, "I'm a princess!"
Playing with her kitchen! Her Christmas gift from her Mimi (my Mom)
My tiny present
I wish I knew what she was doing?
Fun with Daddy-doo
Playing with her cousins
A classic Carina face
Christmas Eve Mass was fun. And by fun I mean hilariously awful. As soon as we arrived Carina started pitching a fit because we wouldn't allow her to leave the pew to run to the altar and consort with baby Jesus, Mary & Joseph, and the wise men. Shortly thereafter the choir started singing so we were able to distract her by encouraging her to sing along. After the Christmas Carol ended, she yelled loudly, "all done song!" 

I reminded her for the tenth time that we have to be quiet in Church, to which she replied resoundingly to the ladies in the pew behind us, "be quiet in Church!" ::facepalm:: They just laughed.

Then she farted audibly and the point that those ladies behind us were fanning their hands and rolling their eyes. Not wanting to miss out on the passing gas party, Aurelia joined in and I felt a warm "pop pop pop pop pop" on my leg. Containing my laughter was just not possible.

After all was said and done Mike ended up retreating to the vestibule on three separate occasions. First with a tantruming Carina, then an inconsolable overtired Aurelia, and finally a defiant Carina, once again. The people in the last pew gave Mike a "we've been there" smile, which he appreciated so much. Carina's response to the closing song? "Sing it again!"      

I couldn't tell you what any of the readings or homily were about, and I'm pretty sure I didn't get the chance to sing a single verse of "Joy to the World". Because of all of the above the service was stressful and frustrating, but fortunately we can laugh about it now. Please don't tell God that we might sit Mass out for a little while, at least until I get my anxiety under control...

How were your holidays?

P.S. Toddle Along Tuesday will return next week with a topic of Favorite Holiday Gift. Now that all the gifts have been unwrapped, which has proven to be your child's favorite? (and/or yours!)

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