Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Pinterest Influence - Guest Post

Hi! I'm Meghan from Phase Three of Life. I'm a working mom, living in Phoenix with my husband and toddler son, 2,000 miles away from our families. Sometimes I'm sentimental, sometimes I'm overwhelmed and sometimes I laugh when my kid throws a tantrum. I write whatever I'm feeling on any given day; it just so happens that I feel sarcastic more often than not
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I did the same thing last year. Two months before Ryan's first birthday, I announced that I was simply not a "theme" person.

"The theme is 'Kid's Birthday,'" I'd say, rolling my eyes. "I'm not going over-the-top with themes and DIY projects and blah blah blah. Let's just order a cake and call it a day."

But then...

I got on Pinterest.

A couple quick searches and suddenly I was all "RYAN NEEDS TO HAVE A 'FIRST BIRTHDAY FIESTA'!!"

The Fiesta Party planning took me weeks. I enjoyed it, but it was a lot of work, including at least 93 trips to Party City to find perfectly coordinating, brightly colored necessities.

I felt that I could justify the work for the first birthday, which is a special one. But for birthday #2? No way was I doing a theme. No way was I DIY'ing anything. No way was I wasting countless nights and weekends leading up to it, chipping away at endless party details.

"I'm not even getting a cake," I said. "Ryan doesn't even like cake! I'm getting a big cookie and some balloons and that's it."

And then I got on Pinterest.

Oh, the cuteness. The personalized t-shirts and adorable invitations and the whimsical handmade birthday banners...

So guess what?

Choo-Choo-Choo! Ryan's turning TWO!

Damn you, Pinterest.

Trains are gonna be rollin' all through my house that day in every way imaginable. Luckily, my kid happens to adore anything with wheels.

Further inspiration:

Also? I may or may not have purchased him his very own conductor's hat.

I give in. The wonder of Pinterest has beat me into submission. There will be a theme; there will be theme-related favors; there will be DIY projects. I might as well just admit it right now: We will probably have a theme next year, too.

Now, I must go. Tons of party-planning to do.

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Phase Three of Life

Ha! Thanks, Meghan! I am experiencing this as well right now! I've been stalking Pinterest for Tangled Birthday Party ideas...
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