Saturday, February 2, 2013

Let's get ready for some Football! CLOSED

Before I was even pregnant with Carina, Mike and I had rather heated debates about what sports teams our future children would root for. I was born and raised in Massachusetts and am loyal to the Patriots & Red Sox. Mike, on the other hand, is the epitome of a Philly fan (those of you from Philly know what I mean) and is quite the Eagles fanatic. He also loves the Phillies. He claimed at least our first born as a die-hard Philadelphia fan and I laughed in his face. I suggested we let our hypothetical children decide...and you know they'd surely choose the Patriots & Red Sox because {at the time, and mostly still} they were so much better ;)

In reality, so far, we've opted to let the girls be fans of all 4 teams. They have outfits and toys with each team's logo emblazoned on them. However, since Daddy is just a bit more fanatical about football and Mommy is a bigger baseball fan, it seems like a primacy of Eagles and Red Sox has emerged. We'll see if this continues... God forbid our teams play each other (like a Superbowl XXXIX rematch?) things might get a little ugly. How do you handle different team loyalties in your home?

So in light of the Superbowl tomorrow (and BOO-HOO the Pats aren't in it), I'd like to share with you fellow blogger and stay-at-home Mom Hannah's adorable football outfits she made the girls! The Eagles may have had a crap season but that doesn't mean Daddy won't have the girls celebrate them anyway.
When Mike first saw the gown for Aurelia and dress for Carina, you would think he had died and gone to heaven. He is so in love with these super cute and creative outfits. And Carina? She won't stop dancing around in her dress. She takes the hem and twirls around and around. Daddy's little Eagles princess.

More about Hannah:
I am a mom of 3 little ones, age 4, 2, and 4 months. I started my shop Annalie's Baby Boutique in 2010 after my son was born as a way to stay home with my children while still having a creative outlet. I love to design clothing for kids to wear that's affordable and unique.   

Hannah's favorite item in her shop
Hannah makes all sorts of adorable clothing and accessories, many of them customized! The outfits the girls are in above can be made with all NFL teams and most college teams. And if you're a house divided like we are, she even makes clothes with both teams! And she isn't limited to Football...I LOVE the baseball ruffle butt onesie.

She is generously offering one of my readers a $15 credit!

How to Enter:
This is a Rafflecopter giveaway. Click "Read More" below and then follow the instructions on the widget. Make sure to click "Enter!" after you complete each entry. All currents count! The giveaway is open to Worldwide and ends at 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, February 7th.

The first entry is mandatory - Visit Annalie's Baby Boutique and tell me how you'd spend the credit! Once you complete this entry, the widget will give you the option of completing the rest. Complete more steps for more chances to win!

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