Sunday, February 17, 2013

Should have done this a year ago

This weekend was a frenzy of {finally} unpacking boxes from our move ahem 15 months ago ahem that were still scattered around our apartment. I'd like to tell you that there was just a box here and there, but then I would dirty liar. Our foyer was embarrassingly full of at least 10 boxes to the point where we couldn't open the closet. There were so many boxes in our kitchen closet that we couldn't step inside of it. Two boxes sat in our hallway, and a couple more underneath the table our microwave and crockpot sit upon in the kitchen.

Now? They're all gone...unpacked, things organized, settled. Finally. I wish we had done this a year ago.
Stop unpacking and play with me!
My Mom visited for the weekend and watched the girls while Mike and I worked tirelessly. In addition to unpacking, we finally assembled Aurelia's crib that we purchased on Black Friday and completely reorganized the closet in the girls' room. Pics to come soon!

While going through one of the many boxes stashed away in our foyer, deep underneath a pile of magazines and other random crap I FOUND MIKE'S iPHONE THAT HE LOST BACK IN SEPTEMBER. Finally. We think a feisty toddler might be to blame. When he lost it, he started using the Windows Phone I had gotten in April {and didn't really care for} and I had gone back to my ancient iPhone 3GS. My almost decrepit iPhone recently started freezing and shutting off randomly so I am quite happy that I get to upgrade to Mike's formerly misplaced iPhone 4.

Yay "new" phone!
See a theme here? Finally.

I feel great. It's amazing what decluttering/unpacking can do for your mental well-being.

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