Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowed Out

While millions of people throughout New England were stuck in their homes this weekend due to Mother Nature dumping 2-3 feet of the white stuff in a matter of mere hours, we were actually stranded away from home.

We left on Thursday evening to head to Philadelphia for Mike's Grandfather's funeral. We planned on returning home on Sunday morning, but our neighbors informed us that not only was our driveway under a whopping 36 inches of snow, but so was our street. Oh, and? There was a travel ban in place for New Haven anyway.

This morning we received word that both the street and our driveway were plowed. I couldn't find any update on the travel ban but we figured it had probably ended. So we set out for home and luckily had no issues...until we hit our street.

The path for cars was barely wide enough for one car to fit down in a number of places. I felt like we were in a video game -- dodging people walking, snow blowers, and even cars going in the opposite direction headed straight for us all as our car was going up and down, bouncing over mounds of snow.

We let out a collective sigh of relief as we pulled into our driveway. There is A LOT of snow.

Dead center of this pic is a buried car
Our driveway (even after some of the snow had melted)
New Haven and the surrounding areas received the most snow from the storm and the city is still basically shut down. I wish we had had the forethought to pick up some groceries on the way home...

The bright side is, I see some AWESOME fort building in our future, tomorrow!

Did you get snow this weekend?

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