Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aurelia - 6 Months


We had your 6 Month well visit today. 6 Months?!? Seriously, how are you 6 Months already? You had to get 5 shots and listening to you wail broke my heart. It was such a foreign sound, too, because you've only cried like that a handful of times since birth. You are such a calm and happy girl most of the time.

Lots of new things this month! You can sit up unassisted for a couple minutes before you face plant or slump sideways. We moved you into the nursery and so far so good; you've slept soundly every night! Just a wake-up to nurse here and there. Lastly, you had your first bite of solid food; sweet potato. You were unsure at first, but seem to like it. We've also added bananas to your repertoire. We give you a chunk and let you gnaw on it. Flailing your arms and legs wildly is how you currently ask for more.

Your sister. Oh how you two are starting to play and giggle together. It melts my heart. I don't think I've ever experienced anything so wonderful as watching two little people we created -- and I grew and birthed -- interact with each other and find such delight in it. You still enjoy the jumperoo and have started playing with some of your sister's favorites from this age including the ring stacky and toy piano.

Naps in the crib. You sleep fine in there at night, but you much prefer the Rock 'n' Play during the day. Sometimes you freak when we put you in the high chair, too. But that was mostly before we started giving you solids. Now? You seem excited when it's time to eat.

Weight & height:
At your appointment today you were 17 lbs. 6 oz. (77%) and 26.25 inches long (64%). You are still in size 4 disposable diapers at night and are wearing one size cloth diapers on the middle setting. We are really loving the BumGenius diapers for you. They fit your chunky little thighs perfectly. You are in 9 and 12 Month clothing at this point. Your summer clothes are mostly size 12 Month...I hope they'll still fit by the end of the summer!

My favorite photos this month:

Carina was just about the same size as you at 6 Months! You definitely have more hair than she did, though ;)

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