Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The inception of "Rina"

I remember when telling our friends and family members the name we had chosen for our first daughter, they asked, "what will her nickname be?" And we had no idea. It wasn't something we were going to worry about, especially before she was born.

Until just last week, Carina has never had a nickname other than "peanut" and "tiny" and those were both relics from her newborn and infant days.

Aurelia has been on a roll with pointing at things and proudly announcing their names recently. "Kitty! Ball! Yake!" (what she calls Jake the pirate) Also "Mommy! Da-y!" (not quite "Daddy" but close) But her favorite? "Big sis! Sissy!" Then...

The first time she said it, we weren't sure if we had heard correctly. So we prompted her to repeat it. We listened and there it was, clear as day, "Rina!" while she was pointing to Carina.

Rina it is. Aurelia says it all the time now and it couldn't be more adorable.

Our Rina.

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