Thursday, August 6, 2015


I blinked and it's 5 months since my last post.

A lot has changed.

We moved from Connecticut to Charleston, South Carolina.

We're homeowners.

I'm 35 weeks pregnant today.

I have a new job offer.

Aurelia is potty trained.

Mike is getting his new office set up and teaches his first class in about 3 weeks.

Wait, 35 weeks pregnant? With all the packing and planning for the move, the move itself (16 hours in the car with sick kids and fighting cats is awesome, let me tell you) and unpacking {and still working part-time all the while} it's almost entirely escaped me that I'm enormous and the baby is going to be here so soon.

It didn't hit me until yesterday. When getting dressed I realized that almost all of my maternity tops are too short. Either I grabbed a bunch of mislabeled shirts or I'm simply -- as Aurelia would say -- "huge-mongous". I should probably figure out where I need to go to deliver this baby and take some baby clothes and diapers out of storage or something.

Ohhh becoming a 3rd time Mom is so, so different. I'd love to say it's due to the fact that I'm so much more chill this time around, but the truth is that I only have the brain capacity to keep track of so many things at once and the baby just isn't on my radar yet. I'm sure that will change the minute she arrives, though. I hope?

She. Yes, baby #3 is a girl. We couldn't be more excited. The girls were pulling for either Starla or Somersault, but we've settled on Serafina Anne, which means "fiery one" or "fiery angel". If she's anything like her sisters, her name will fit her perfectly.
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