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I'd be happy to have you! If you don't mind the fact that I often overshare and tend to rant about ridiculous things, it sounds like we might be a match made in heaven. My readers are mostly Mothers, pregnant women, and women who are trying to start a family, and they are highly engaged! I love to share relevant Etsy shops and products with my readers, so let's chat!

Subscribers and followers include over 2300+ via GFC, 750+ on Bloglovin', 1550+ via Feedburner, 2000+ on Twitter, 1500+ on Facebook, 875+ on Pinterest, and 850+ stalk my photos on Instagram.

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Super Geek: 250 x 250 spot (2 available) Displayed on top! - $20/month or $50/3 months.

Math Whiz: 250 x 125 spot (5 available) Displayed underneath Super Geek ads. - $10/month or $25/3 months.

Baby Nerd: 125 x 125 spot (unlimited) Displayed underneath Math Whiz ads. - $5/month or $13/3 months.

Text link ad: Displayed underneath all graphic ads. - $25/6 months.

I am also open to swapping ad space for product. Space is limited, so please contact me soon! I reserve the right to refuse businesses that I do not think are a good fit for me. I look forward to working with you!

Advertising Guidelines:
-No refunds.
-Advertising rates are subject to change as my blog readership increases.
-I reserve the right to add more ads to each ad spot at my discretion.
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