Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today is my birthday!  As we speak, M is in the kitchen making me dinner.  I'm not exactly sure what he is putting together, but I do see Tilapia (my favorite), scallops, potatoes, and mushrooms.  Mmmm...  We were going to go out but we're so tired from our drive.  We're planning on going to the Melting Pot this weekend.

We drove back from Boston yesterday; left at 6 AM Eastern, got home at 12 AM Central.  19 hours including a few stops = not bad.  I miss my family so much, and it really made me sad when my period came earlier this week because I knew what it would mean.  I won't be able to tell my parents about a hypothetical pregnancy (whenever it happens) in person.  I will have to tell them over the phone...just like I did when we got engaged.  ::le sigh::

My doctor finally got back to me; she ordered a thyroid panel.  I'm planning on going to the lab early tomorrow to have it done.  Is it bad that I'm almost hoping it comes out abnormal because then I'll have an explanation for the weird symptoms I'm having?

I think it's time for a Birthday drink.  Bailey's it is.
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