Friday, September 3, 2010

Some gifts for baby girl

Carina has received some very cute gifts so far. I'd like to show them off; I hope you don't mind.

A few adorable onesies from Heather.

Hilarious onesie from my sister Amanda & Eric. I guess she thinks Carina will be smart? ;)

Phillies onesies from Jolene. M loves these.

Red Sox romper and pacifiers from Sarah. M and I fight about this all the time, but I think baby is going to be a Red Sox fan! I mean come on, who would choose Phillies over the Red Sox? Hehe.

Thank you so much for the gifts, ladies!

3 words of geekdom:

Katy said...

So cute!

Caroline said...

Red Sox all the way. Seriously. No question. She'll love the Phillies in the way that people love two-legged puppies. They're cute. They try super hard. But they're going nowhere...

Caroline said...

PS - I love those red sox binkies and am going to have to get some for Aidan. Tom will have a fit.

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