Saturday, November 13, 2010

32 weeks

How far along? 32 weeks
Weight gain/loss: 143 lbs, up 25 lbs. Holy crap.
Maternity clothes? I am having to pull down my maternity tops constantly...I can't believe they are getting to be too small.
Stretch marks? None yet, woot!
Sleep? Doing pretty well with sleeping. I'm tired all the time, though.
Best moment this week? Finishing our childbirth classes. M learned how to change diapers :)
Food cravings: Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza
Gender: Girl
Belly button in or out? Still kind of in, kind of out, but it looks all smushed and weird now.
Movement? Constantly
What I miss? I need M to help me sit up most of the time. How sad is that? I miss being able to move around on my own.
What I'm looking forward to: Thanksgiving! M's brother is coming to visit for a few days.
Milestones: Only 8 weeks until my due date!

Here's what baby looks like this week:

5 words of geekdom:

Mrs. B said...

I had stuffed crust pizza tonight! Yum!

Unknown said...

We almost had pizza hut last night lol.

You look so good. I think 35 lbs is probably what you were 'expected' to gain since you were small to begin with, and I bet before Carina is 1 month old, you'll be back into your pre-pregnancy clothes.

I can't believe how close you're getting. Seems like just yesterday we were at Disney oohing and aahing over your barely-there bloat. :)

Mrs.W said...

You look beautiful momma!!!

Caroline said...

You look fabulous.

If it makes you feel better at all, I gained 24lbs as of my 30w appointment. I am not looking forward to being weighed next week. I'm kind of horrified by the number, but can't honestly find fault with what I'm seeing in the mirror - and you shouldn't either!

I hear what you're saying about the maternity shirts - I can't BELIEVE that some of them are now far too short and ride up humiliatingly while I'm in public. I've gone back to wearing only underbelly pants, because when I have panel pants on, I can't feel that my shirt is way hiked up. Oy.

Mrs. M317 said...

You look great!!

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